Commenting on the internet sucks

If you have ever tried to debate or discuss a heated, controversial, important topic online, chances are you had a pretty lousy experience. We must have a tool that helps us deal with disagreements in a more productive way online. I want to build that tool.

Long comment threads are just unproductive

The more comments there are, the less likely you are to read them, understand them, and make sense of them all. You could view just the "best" comments, but that won't help you make sense of the entire thread; it will just give you a snapshot of what a few early commenters posted. How can you construct value from 1000 comments?

Disagreements get worse, not better after an online discussion

People get entrenched in their views and the language gets more fiery. Ideological gaps widen, and the middle ground is lost. How can commenting help people disagree while reducing divisiveness?

Trolls find it easy to ruin conversations

Moderators are never fast enough to stop them, and if you wait till a post needs flagging, it's too late. Visitors and blog owners hate trolls. But they also hate over-zealous moderators who flag every post that does not share their world view. How can we stop the disrespect and make commenting more civil?

The Dialectic

Civil, Constructive, Collaborative Conversations. A better way to disagree about things that matter. Prototype available for beta testing

Debate & Disagreement Today:
Gaurav Keerthi @ TEDxHGSE